My Response to Jouelzy’s “The Strong Black Woman & Loneliness in the Age of Social Media” Video

Hey you guys! This is a little unusual for me but I just felt the need to talk about this topic a bit further. Yesterday I was on my way home from visiting a college with my little brother ( a story for a different time) but during that 4 hour drive, I got an

It’s been a year already?!?!

Hey you guys! It’s June 21st and I cannot believe that it has been a full year since I combed out my locs. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. I am happy that I took a leap of faith with my hair one year ago. But I am also a little discouraged by all the setbacks that I’ve

Check out My Quick Summer Lookbook!

Hey you guys..Hope all is well! My video for this week is a summer lookbook that I put together. It is a quick glimpse into my summer wardrobe and it’s under 2 minutes! Check it out, like, subscribe, leave a comment or even share. I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 Click the picture below to

Why I stopped taking Hairfinity and cut my hair!

Hey everybody! This post is paired with my recent video “Hairfinity update Part 2“. Check out my previous video “Hairfinity update Part 1” for more information and pictures showing my hair growth! Q1: Why did I stop taking hairfinity? I started taking hairfinity in January 2014 and around March & April I started to notice

My Type 4 Hair including Video

Hey everybody Its been awhile since I’ve written a post other than the features. These last few months I’ve been spending time learning about my hair. The color, density, porosity, texture and also what I like and dislike about it. Since I’ve gotten to semi-figure out my hair (I’m still learning) I know that I

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