Old Youtube Videos!

Hey you guys! On this page I will post all of my YouTube video from oldest to youngest. The most recent video will always be at the top of the list. I hope you enjoy! Click on any of the titles or pictures to relocate you to the videos. xoxo YesSarie One Year Natural Hair

It’s been a year already?!?!

Hey you guys! It’s June 21st and I cannot believe that it has been a full year since I combed out my locs. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. I am happy that I took a leap of faith with my hair one year ago. But I am also a little discouraged by all the setbacks that I’ve

Why I stopped taking Hairfinity and cut my hair!

Hey everybody! This post is paired with my recent video “Hairfinity update Part 2“. Check out my previous video “Hairfinity update Part 1” for more information and pictures showing my hair growth! Q1: Why did I stop taking hairfinity? I started taking hairfinity in January 2014 and around March & April I started to notice

The Natural Hair Blog Directory!

For all of you that follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram or have seen the little animation on the side bar—>> (and also above the title) You might wonder what the #NHBD means! Well I am so pleased to announce that there is an amazing website that “… was made to help naturals find blogs/vlogs that

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