Just A Friend??

Trust. Friendships. Relationship. Insecurities.

Why is he the one who you always turn to,
Why does he have info on everything that concerns you.
Even when we fuse and fight and I’m the one who burns you
you fail to see that this should be sorted out internally
and now we just scream and shout and all of that
you cut me off to call him back then open up and shut me out
and I’m supposed to be cool with that -Chozen

I spend countless hours on YouTube looking for more spoken words that run parallel with my own feelings. This is a really good spoken word/conversation video. Something that I would like to touch on. Watch the video and let me know your first impressions and what is your opinion on having “Just a Friend”.

My opinion: May be it is true. The definition of just a friend has changed. Just a friend is when both parties just want to be friends, but if you’re just waiting for the other person to give you the go ahead then how can you be a true friend to them without being bias, do you really have their best interest at heart or do you have your own intentions with them?



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