Learning to Be Still


“Silence! Be Still!”…”Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” – Mark 4:39 NLT

This topic is so hard for me. Learning to be Still at times seems so impossible. I am hurt and uncomfortable and I honestly just don’t want to be still. I hate the thought of sitting with my thoughts. I know my anxiety and depression are bound to catch up to me, but can I just keep running from them for a little bit long? 🙁

I pray to God for him to take these feelings of loneliness and the fear of forever being incomplete away. Yet, I run from them. I don’t wait for God like I should.

I understand that I need to literally BE STILL. Rest in God’s comfort and find peace but it is soo much easier to say it than do it.  Then of course, I have the looming question of “How do I start?”

  1. Read the Bible.. seriously not just popular verse but start with a chapter. I was told a good place to start is the book of Matthew
  2. Let your mind wonder and write it down. All the scary thoughts I try to avoid don’t seem so big on a piece of paper.
  3. Pray. Especially when it gets to heavy for your heart to carry. If you have time to worry then you have time to pray! Also it’s okay to ask a close friend or family member to pray for you. <3
  4. Breathe! Take it day by day. Trust in God and believe that everything will be okay.

I pray that this post helps somebody today. Be blessed!



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