My Type 4 Hair including Video

Hey everybody

Its been awhile since I’ve written a post other than the features. These last few months I’ve been spending time learning about my hair. The color, density, porosity, texture and also what I like and dislike about it. Since I’ve gotten to semi-figure out my hair (I’m still learning) I know that I have different hair textures some due to genetics, coloring (henna), and just bad protection and breakage. I have type 4 hair, I believe I have a little bit of 4a, 4b and definitely 4c. I did a quick video talking about my different textures and curl patterns. In this video I also give you a close up about of my hair. I hope you all enjoy and join me in a conversation about hair. Is your hair texture similar to mine? How do to take care of your hair? What protective styling do you use? How do you minimize breakage?

Check out my video below

type 4 hair video

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