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On January 18, 2014 I decided to start a healthy hair journey. It was almost 6 months after I took out my locs and I was beyond frustrated with my hair. I had no idea how to take care of it and I had went through a very long semester of college full of hair troubles. So I finally said enough was enough, I started doing research about natural hair. I began deep conditioning which in the past I would skip completely because I didn’t realize how important it was. I tried to start working out and eating better. Since I was on the dance team working out twice a week was better than nothing. But I was still on my meal plan at school which limited my healthy options. So I began making my own food and taking snacks with my to class so I would not be hungry the entire day. Also so I wouldn’t be tempted to go to the Chic-fila on campus. But like all good “Challenges” and “Journeys” most people fall out the wagon one time or another. So about 5 months later I can honestly say that I fell off the wagon. I stopped taking my daily vitamins and hair vitamins, dance season is over so I no longer work out, I stopped doing my healthy snacks so now I go the whole day without eating and then indulge in a big lunch and dinner. yeah yeah I know I’m not making the best choices. But that’s why I’m writing to not only own up to my mistake but to also put in place a plan to get back on track! 4d40e644d84d51b222b9eee151a93a31

I am started by going to the doctor for my annual physical and getting some extra blood work done. I had my doctor test for vitamin B & D, Iron, and also high cholesterol. Iron and vitamin B came back normal but my vitamin D is low and I have slightly high cholesterol. Now the cholesterol is no big surprise. I found out I had high cholesterol about 2 years ago after my first semester in college. Coincidence? I think not! But my vitamin D was a surprise to me. Believe me I’ve already done my research and I know how important vitamin D is to my body. Not only can it led to weaker bones because Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium but it also leads to hair loss. :-/ So my doctor has instructed me to take vitamin D daily for now on. Which isn’t a problem, I will just add it to the rest of pills I need to take. Such as B-complex (specifically biotin and B7) and a mutli-vitamin.

Food and Exercise wise, my mom is currently on a health kick herself which included her buying a treadmill. So I no longer have an excuse when I don’t feel like going to the gym. I have a treadmill in my garage now. #TeamNoExcuses here I come! I am also going to try the whole fruit & veg. shakes at least 3 times a week. I would like to do daily but I have to set my goals small first and work my way up! The same thing goes with my hair. I had unrealistic goals and when I did not reach them I was very disappointed. I’m not to happy with my hair now but its a beautiful work in progress. As long as I get my body healthy my hair will follow suit. So this is no longer a healthy hair journey to is a journey to a Healthier ME! 🙂




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