Natural Queen Spotlight: Amira

unnamed (1)I’m coming to you with yet another feature of a beautiful naturalista named Amira! She is currently finishing her first year at the University of Manchester, where she studies Management. She is originally from Baltimore and loves all things hair and fashion! She is also the creator of A. Monaie Design! You can check out her jewelry here

How long have you been natural? I am 2 years fully natural but I transitioned for 8 months!

What styles and products are you using? Right now I’m in love with Kynx Haircare’s Texture Defining Gel, Cleanser, and Kink Cream Leave In. I also love Big Hair Ltd’s Deep treatment and Midas Natural’s deep treatment. I usually wear my hair either in a braid out or two big cornrows in a halo!

What/Who inspired you to grow your natural hair? I saw the ladies on various forums with gorgeous long natural hair and after my last relaxer which left me with soo many scalp burns, I decided to go for it! It wasn’t an easy road at first though, a lot of people had their own opinions about what my hair should look like (i.e. relaxed) but I was set on my decision!

What do you love about your hair? I love how it never looks the same each day and how when you pull a curl it springs back up. I’m way too entertained by that! haha 🙂

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about Natural hair so far? I’ve learned that 1) deep conditioning is a must 2) the hair that grows out of your head is beautiful no matter what type it is!

How can you be contacted?(Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? You can keep up with me on the following! Twitter is the best way to keep in touch with me and I do follow back! (These links are specific to  my personal blog and account)



What motivated you to start your business? At first I just wanted to make button earrings for fun but after I started making cool things with clay, my friends suggested I turn it into a business. This isn’t my first business idea though, I think I have an entrepreneurial spirit lol.

What do you sell/produce? I hand make and paint jewelry and other accessories! I make things like necklaces, earrings, rings, and now bracelets and hair pins. My items are made out of clay and I also do custom designs to accommodate the customers needs! My next stop are custom hair combs and home décor so be on the lookout for that!

How long have you been in business? I have officially been in business as of February 2014 but I have been developing the idea since June 2013.

Who are your main clientele/customers? My main clientele are young women who like to make a statement with whatever they wear, wherever they go!

How can people buy your products (are you an online store, based somewhere specific, several locations etc)? I am web-based and people can shop at, the US portion of my site is!

How can you be contacted?(Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? I have way too many social networks lol. You can reach me at the following! I do follow back so keep in touch 🙂 (These links are specific to A. Monaie Designs)

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