The Natural Hair Blog Directory!

For all of you that follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram or have seen the little animation on the side bar—>> (and also above the title)

You might wonder what the #NHBD means! Well I am so pleased to announce that there is an amazing website that

“… was made to help naturals find blogs/vlogs that they can relate to as well as to promote all natural hair blogs/vlogs!” – NHBD

The title pretty much says it all “The Natural Hair Blog Directory”. I have the privilege of being listed on the directory under Kinky hair. I really wanted to share this website with you guys for two reasons: 1. It organizes the information to help you find a “hair twin” and gives you more information and ideas about natural hair! 2. It helps other bloggers and vloggers get noticed so their journey or specific information they have can reach out and help somebody else struggling with the transition to natural hair.

Here are some reasons why bloggers/vloggers should join The Natural Hair Blog Directory (courtesy of TheNHBDirectory)

–Exposure! Get your blog/vlog out there to the world via this site and all of its social networks
–Connect and network with other bloggers/vloggers like yourself
–Have your posts highlighted every week in our Weekly Blog Posts feature
–Take the opportunity to join in on our Soapbox Discussions to let your voice be heard
–Jump into the stoplight for your one chance to discuss your natural hair journey and blog/vlog journey to the world being featured for that entire month
-Unite and support other bloggers/vloggers as we change the societal views of beauty and natural hair

They are trying to reach their site goal of 500 members by the end of 2014. I have all intentions of helping them do that because when it comes to natural hair, networking will always be the best option! So all my readers, tell your favorite bloggers or vloggers to go on and submit their blog/vlog! If you are a blogger or vlogger then go to that site, submit your blog/vlog and tell your readers about it!

Talk to you all very very soon!!



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