I’m Back! And I’ve missed you all!

Hey you guys!

I am back and finally making videos again. In the last month, I have been running around like a crazy person trying to take care of everybody and everything! I went on 3 different mini vacations (Albany, Seven Springs Ski Resort and South Beach Miami), I got sick from the change in weather and then I also had to deal with some family drama. I have been making videos but I haven’t been posting due to my time constrains but I am back and I’m ready to start posting again!

Since my last video I have gotten almost 10 new subscribers and a little bit more than 200 views for my Hairfinity update. I want to thank anyone that shared my video and/or did not unsubscribe! Thanks for hanging out with me during my mini hiatus. I have a lot of exciting things coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you all! I got the next 5 videos already planned out so just sit back and enjoy!!

Talk to you all soon!

P.S. the next video will be uploading by Friday! 🙂 Also send me an emails, tweets (@yessarie) or comments about what you would like me to do a video about –for example makeup, “get ready with me”, travel, summer plans, cooking, whatever!



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