Daily/Weekly Exercise

New Year, New Start! Are you ready to get health and fit this year? I am! I am starting off with playing Zumba with the Xbox 360 Kinect! I can’t wait. Me and my mom will be doing Zumba starting on Friday!! (1/17/14, I would start early but I am fighting off a cold right now). I will only be home until 1/27 but I believe my mom will keep up with it and I can’t wait to see her results!

While I’m at school I get my weekly exercise at dance practice. Although I have experienced some laziness over the break because instead of having practices we perform at basketball games. So even though that means sitting pretty, smiling til the muscles in my jaw hurts for two hours, I still get to perform with my team and the drum-line twice during the gameĀ timeout’s. It is a bit of a work out but definitely not as much as having practice itself. I’m going to try to workout myself. Now I’m not guaranteeing 2-3 hours a day in the gym but I am going to try to follow the chart below for some inspiration and probably only do about half of these sets.

So that’s my plan you guys! check out the picture below and let me know what you think!



86f88c461c550d43224efa1da2de3d3fSide Note: I got this from Pinterest!! Check out my board, here’s the link <–!

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